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Wherever you are you can have access to the Interactive Hall of session at distance and take part of the virtual community of your interest, without time or space limitations. You will be able to exchange knowledge and ideas  with people who have interests in common with you.


The Interactive Hall allows you to organize and participate to Virtual Events at Distance through internet, to conclude presential meetings before or afterwards, letting you deepen the analysis, concepts and opinions and enriching the final conclusions.


If you have an internet connection and you have already done your free registration to www.WebCongress.net, you will take part of this new community, being automatically able to participate to the virtual congresses with free access, debate with your equals, present papers and reports and keep informed about the development of virtual events of your interest, all through the personalized tools of the Interactive Hall.


How to use the Interactive Hall of session at distance


Once you have followed the process of Free Registration, enter contents of WebCongress.net Interactive Hall of session at distance. From the Hall of virtual Events, you will be able to have access to the Virtual Events to which you have registered and you will see the rest of the congresses being developed, and, at the same time, you will receive a summary of your pending assignments and available Tools.






Free Registration to the Interactive Hall of http://www.webcongress.net/



(this is not the registration to the event but  to the site where the event is).


1)     Please, write your name, surname and mail address, then click  on “Send”.


2)     In a few minutes, you will receive a message to the mail address you gave us, in order to verify that the address is valid. From that moment onwards, the same address will be your user’s name. The message received will provide you with an internet address (personal and private) which you will copy on the navigation bar of your explorer or click on it.


3)     You will be addressed to a new form where you will have to write other personal information. Once the form is duly filled in, please click  on “Send”.